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Book 2 in the Noren Novel Series, Noren – Bough Dreaming 

Noren has been tainted and, with it, the lives of its caretakers: the Muses. Discovering the treachery of who and what was behind the scarring of the magical world is only the first step on a path that Eirik Holte and the three new Muses must tread if they are to help the Elven Lord Ashfaren and those gathering around Noren’s chosen being.

Awakening from a slumber of untold years that was brought on by his near death, Ashfaren is embroiled in a wholly different world from the one he left. The Elemental, Tsukiha, is not what she was once to him and Ashfaren’s adjustment to this change seeks to undo his resolve to move forward to his revised purpose in life. The appearance of a new person in their lives, Half-Sage Vwynsent Bloom, who is tasked to the Muses for blessing, speaks to the opening of a new chapter in both the Elf’s and the Elemental’s lives, if only Ash would stop fighting against the turning of its tide. In the Muses’ realm, the vocation has altered.

Though still charged with caring for Noren’s health and watching the events of Norenite lives, the Muses are plagued by a homicidal threat and are hunting for their purpose, now that everything has changed. Noren’s survival hinges on their decisions and relationships with not only the chosen Norenites, but with each other. They must also discover what needs to be done, to find a way to keep both themselves and their charges safe from those who want to remove them and continue Noren’s descent into dusky and bloody transformation.

Only in the strange dreamscape world of Bough Dreaming will both the Norenites and the Muses find the key to bridging the failing realm.

Enter the dream and return to the Realm of Noren.

Book 2 in the Noren Novel Series

Available  in print and ebook formats    

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Fully illustrated in 7 x 10 trade format 

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